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CREST Photo Album
MT Mayon


MT. Halcon | Tarak Ridge | MT Mayon | MT. Pinatubo | MAKTRAV | Batulao | Cristobal | MT. Banahaw | Pulag | Banaue,Ifugao

Long ago, the legend goes, there was a village chieftain in the name of Makusog. Makusog had a beautiful and sweet daughter named Daragang Magayanon. One day Magayonan was bathing in the river, she slipped and was carried away by the river. It so happens when a son of a Tagalog chieftain named Panganoron was walking at the same river. Upon seeing Magayanon drowning, Panganoron jumped into the river and saved her. From hence, both Panagnoron and Magayon met often until their fondness developed into a romance. Makusog also became fond of Panganoron and later declared the marriage of her daugther to Panganoron.
Datu Patuga, a chieftain from Iriga who is also in love with Magayanon didnt accepted the news of Magayanons imminent wedding. He kidnapped Makusog and requested the hand of Magayanon in return for his freedom. Magayanon, who loved her father very much, obliged and the wedding date was set. Panganoron, upon learning of the fate of her lover attacked Patuga on the day of the wedding. A fierce battle ensued and when the smoke had cleared, Magayanon was killed by an arrow and Panganoron, while attending to her was also stabbed. The two lovers were burried together side by side. One day, the villagers noticed that the land from where they were buried continued to rise until a mountain was formed. They named the mountain Magayanon that was later shortened to Mayon. On some days, there are rumbling sounds from the earth and later red-hot rocks bursts from the crater. The people say that this is Patuga trying to get back the gift he gave Magayanon, which were burried with her. On some days, when the tip of the volcano is covered with clouds, the people say that Panganoron is kissing Magayanon. When rain falls on the slope people say that he is crying from the loss of her loved one.








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